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A Look at the Questionable History of Arena-Based Comedy

Aziz Ansari just debuted his new stand-up special on Netflix, which he taped in November during his two sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden (and titled, imaginatively, “Aziz Ansari Live at Madison Square Garden“). Playing the Garden – or any arena, for that matter – is an impressive achievement for all performers, but it’s particularly amazing for stand-ups, who rarely match the superstar status of pop stars.
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Show Me The Funny: 5 Awesome Comedies in March

If the end of Parks and Recreation has left a giant comedy-shaped hole in your life, here are a few exciting things next month to soothe your soul: Originally produced for NBC, this much-anticipated comedy from Tina Fey and her fellow 30 Rock executive producer Robert Carlock has landed on Netflix.
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Get Your Laugh On: 5 Excellent British Comedy Podcasts

Our current comedy booms owes a large debt to the medium of podcasting. As more comedians view the platform as a way to show off their talent, podcasts have become a fantastic method for following a comedy scene, especially from a distance. It’s also creating global audiences – popular British science podcast/radio show The Infinite Monkey Cage is touring the US next month.
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A Beginners Guide to Storytelling

Storytelling as a comedic art is both the oldest form of the craft and one of the most rapidly growing genres in modern comedy. These days, storytelling refers to short, personal narratives focused on a single event or theme. They are usually comedic in nature, but not joke-packed like stand-up or super-heightened like sketch.
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February Preview: Comedy

Here’s a quick roundup of a few great comedy happenings this month, four on your TV and one all about it. Loosely based on the memoir of celebrity chef Eddie Huang, Fresh Off the Boat follows a Taiwanese family struggling to assimilate in suburban Florida in the mid-90s. Huang has been outspoken about his unhappiness with the process of seeing his life story turned into a network sitcom, but the show is also unfortunately notable for being the first sitcom about with Asian-American family in more than 20 years.
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Resources for Stand-up Comedy Beginners: Classes, Books, and Open Mics

Comedy is alluring. Few art forms allow for such autonomy and instant feedback, and even fewer look like so much fun. Even so, the idea of starting can be terrifying. No matter how witty you are in your regular life, being funny on command is difficult, and daunting. If you’ve been toying with the idea of giving stand-up a try, here are a few suggestions for getting started:
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A Guide to the Best Comedy Podcast Networks

Podcasting has been described as the Wild West of broadcasting – no censors, no executives, just a microphone and a modest, unfunded dream. But with comedy podcasting’s amazing growth spurt over the last five years, podcast networks have emerged, bringing like-minded comedy programs under one umbrella.
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How to Get Started At Improv and Sketch Comedy

Comedy is alluring. Few art forms allow for such autonomy and instant feedback, and even fewer look like so much fun. Even so, the idea of starting can be terrifying. No matter how witty you are in your regular life, being funny on command is difficult, and daunting. But if you’ve been toying with giving improv or sketch comedy a shot in the new year, here are a few low-pressure ways to have a go.
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January Preview: Five Awesome Comedy Things Happening on TV

Comedy comes in all forms these days, but this January, it’s good old-fashioned television that’s got all the goodies. This month sees the debut of some hotly anticipated new series, and the return of many beloved nouveau classics. Here’s a look at the best of January’s comedy: We’ve demonstrated our love of Abbi and Ilana in consumerist form, and it’s only a couple more weeks until they return to our TVs.
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Best Late Night Comedy Sets of 2014

Late night talk shows have a long tradition of spotlighting promising comedic talent, ever since the days when a stand-up spot on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show could kick start a career. But a late night set can be tricky to pull off – a comic only has about five minutes, there are restrictions on the language she can use, and the audience may not really be that interested in seeing stand-up.
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What Would Ilana Do? A ‘Broad City’ Gift Guide

If you love Broad City, you’re very much not alone. The web series turned Comedy Central show was one of 2014’s most irresistible news shows, and the Broad City Live tour, starring creators and stars Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, sold out all around the country. If you want to translate your love into some material goods, here are a few great Broad City-themed gifts.
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Gift Guide for Comedy Lovers from the Nostalgic Classicist to the Clued-In Hipster

Being a “comedy nerd” is a well-recognized passion these days. It’s as character defining as being a sports obsessive or a gadget geek and to accommodate there are a plethora of gift options to satisfy comedy fans of all kinds, from the nostalgic classicist to the clued-in hipster. For those who live in the past: DVDs may be a dwindling medium, but box sets are still the best way to preserve memories of former comedy loves.
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Elise Czajkowski

I'm currently a 2019 Tow Knight Fellow in Entrepreneurial Journalism at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism. I also cover comedy in New York City; I previously compiled the comedy listings for The New York Times, and wrote for The New York Times, The Guardian, Rolling Stone, Splitsider, Flavorpill, Time Out New York, Paste Magazine, Vulture, The Awl, and GOOD Magazine.

I have a degree from New York University in Broadcast Journalism and International Politics. As well as holding real jobs, I have written questions for BBC 4 quiz show "Only Connect", read the news on New Zealand radio, and audio described plays for blind audiences.



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