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Print-Only in a Digital World

A few independent commercial publishers are rediscovering the joys of print. Will they survive long enough to tell the tale? Not quite horse-and-buggy: The small, well-designed magazine without a web edition. The future of print media is murky, but decidedly dark. Will it go the way of the tape player and the DVD player — still in existence, with niche audiences, but losing out at every step to digital?
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John Oliver Wants Last Week Tonight to Be The Muppet Show

Since its debut in 2014, HBO’s Last Week Tonight With John Oliver has routinely pushed the boundaries of what a topical comedy show can be. Its deep-dive segments, which now often nudge the show beyond its designated half-hour slot, are famous for tackling the obscure, convoluted, and underreported.
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The Saudi funnyman challenging his conservative country

Stand-up comedy may have been born in the United States of Vaudevillian heritage, but the format’s simplicity and endless flexibility have attracted fans and followers across the globe. In Saudi Arabia, its popularity can be attributed to one man. Fahad Albutairi is often credited as the first Saudi to perform stand-up comedy professionally, following a performance in 2008. Now the 30-year-old comic lords over a massive YouTube empire that has racked up nearly a billion hits. His next challenge is to change the way Saudis view entertainment forever.
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A Chat With Writer Jon Ronson

Bestselling British author and documentary filmmaker Jon Ronson has found his way into the weirdest corners of society. His first book, Them: Adventures with Extremists, found him searching for the secret elite group that many extremists believe rule the world.
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Whitney Cummings: 'The scariest place to perform stand-up is America'

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A Word With: Neal Brennan

The set design for Neal Brennan’s new one-man comedy show, “3 Mics,” is just as the title suggests — three microphones on one stage. The first is devoted to one-liners, which he reads from sheets of paper; the second is billed as being for “emotional stuff,” monologues exploring issues like his relationship with his alcoholic father and his own struggles with depression; the third is for stand-up.
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Hasan Minhaj Battles Bigotry With Bittersweet Humor

Many people have embarrassing prom stories, but Hasan Minhaj doesn’t even have that; instead, he’s got a devastating tale of the way racism ruined a date to a school dance. Originally told at a storytelling competition held by the Moth, it has evolved into the centerpiece of his debut one-man show, “Homecoming King,” playing at the Cherry Lane Theater until Nov. 15.
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Catie Lazarus, Host of ‘Employee of the Month,’ at Joe’s Pub, Holds Court

After Jon Stewart revealed that he was leaving “The Daily Show” in February, speculation was rampant about his postretirement plans, and the future of the show itself. But the first time he spoke publicly about his decision afterward wasn’t on any of the high-profile TV talk shows. Instead, it was at “Employee of the Month,” a cozy monthly show (and podcast) at Joe’s Pub hosted by Catie Lazarus, who had booked him before the news broke.
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Simon Amstell on Finding Fault with the World in His New Standup Show 'To Be Free'

We talked a few years ago when you had just started your residency of Numb in New York. How was the rest of your time in the States? It was good. It was two months of being at the same place, doing the show every night. The audience built every night and by the end, they were all squeezed in and sitting on the stairs, and it was all very exciting.
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Plumbing Politics and the Crazy State of the World for Comedy with Andy Zaltzman

Andy Zaltzman is best known in the States as half of the excellent satirical podcast The Bugle, which he co-hosts with long-time collaborator John Oliver. A lover of all things satire, he's hosted his "Political Animal" show for years, and his new show, "Satirist for Hire", adds a twist to the format.
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How to Succeed at Edinburgh Fringe with Alex Edelman

Alex Edelman has had an excellent August. The American comic headed to the Edinburgh Fringe with his debut show, Millennial, and on Saturday, he walked away with the coveted Best Newcomer Award at the Foster's Edinburgh Comedy Awards. Past winners include stars like The Mighty Boosh, Tim Minchin, and Sarah Millican, and it means the eye of the British comedy industry has turned to the 25-year-old New Yorker.
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Daniel Sloss and the Art of Telling Critics to Piss Off

At only 23, Daniel Sloss has become one of the biggest draws at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The Scottish comic played to packed houses during his fun in a 400-seat lecture hall in Edinburgh, and he's about to take his show "Really?!" on tour throughout the UK. He's also got his eye on the US, having appeared three times on Conan in the last year.
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Elise Czajkowski

I'm currently a 2019 Tow Knight Fellow in Entrepreneurial Journalism at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism. I also cover comedy in New York City; I previously compiled the comedy listings for The New York Times, and wrote for The New York Times, The Guardian, Rolling Stone, Splitsider, Flavorpill, Time Out New York, Paste Magazine, Vulture, The Awl, and GOOD Magazine.

I have a degree from New York University in Broadcast Journalism and International Politics. As well as holding real jobs, I have written questions for BBC 4 quiz show "Only Connect", read the news on New Zealand radio, and audio described plays for blind audiences.



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