Elise Czajkowski


Brooklyn, New York

Elise Czajkowski


Most millennials enjoy filing their taxes

And more than two-thirds of Americans are very confident that they file their taxes correctly each year.
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Boys' toys are seen as more universal than girls' toys

Nearly half of men say they'd be uncomfortable buying a boy a toy normally aimed at a girl.
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Americans, French, Germans give America credit for Nazi defeat

In a YouGov study from four countries, UK is the only one to believe Britain was most responsible for bringing down Hitler.
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Elise Czajkowski

An editor and writer with more than 10 years of multi-platform experience looking to conquer the next great challenges facing digital media. Boasts the sharply-honed research skills of a reporter, the shrewd observations of a critic, the numeracy of a data journalist, the organizational expertise of a project manager, and the keen eye for detail of a copy editor.

In a previous life, I took comedy very seriously and read The Economist for fun. I wrote the comedy listings for The New York Times, and wrote for The New York Times, The Guardian, Rolling Stone, Splitsider, Flavorpill, Time Out New York, Paste Magazine, Vulture, The Awl, and GOOD Magazine.

I have a degree from New York University in Broadcast Journalism and International Politics. As well as holding real jobs, I have written questions for BBC 4 quiz show "Only Connect", read the news on New Zealand radio, and audio described plays for blind audiences.



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